The Annual AIDS Benefit goes live at exactly 10 am EST on Saturday, November 26th.
Works of art in this exhibition have been generously donated by the artists. Each work is available for a $350 donation to:
Works can be picked up Wednesday, November 30th.
In addition, works can be shipped.
Shipping charges will be calculated separately by being in contact with the gallery at 617 262 4490 or
Domestic shipping charges seem to range from $30-$90, but depending upon the work, that can vary further.
International shipping is available, too.
It is highly suggested that one pre-registers their account.
By doing so, one is more likely to be able to quickly acquire work(s) that you want.
Please sign in or register by clicking the “my account” tab above.
After registering, you will be directed to a “Payment Verification” page where your credit card will be charged $1 to confirm the account (and yes the $1 will go to the cause!)
This is necessary to give viewers the opportunity to instantly purchase pieces in the AIDS Benefit Sale.
Once the site goes live (at 10 am EST on Saturday, November 26) and one is logged in, you can browse all the donated artworks.
If the site doesn’t automatically refresh, you can click your browser’s “refresh” button and the images should appear.
If you are interested in purchasing more than one work, you should still purchase them one by one, aka – go through the process of buying one (make sure you get CONFIRMATION of the transaction being done), then click the button that takes you back to the grid of images to browse for your next find.
Thank you for your support and for helping us respond to this continuing worldwide epidemic.